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50th Annual METRO Atlanta Swimming and Diving Invitational
The Westminster Schools   1/17/2020 - 01/18/2020
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Entries Due By:


The Westminster Schools

Diving on Friday, January 17, 2020, begins at 4 p.m. Swimming on Saturday, January 18, 2020; preliminaries begin at 9 a.m.


The Westminster Schools 1424 W. Paces Ferry Rd. NW Atlanta, GA 30327

Parking will be tight; please carpool or plan to bring a bus. 


RULES:                The official interscholastic rules will govern the competition.  This meet is sanctioned by USA swimming (Sanction number GA20-029/OBS). Particular attention is directed to:

1.   All contestants must represent their respective high schools.

2.   All contestants must meet eligibility requirements as outlined by the Georgia High School Association.        

3.   Contestants may enter no more than two (2) individual events and a total of four (4) events.

4.   Each school shall be allowed no more than four (4) contestants in any individual event.

5.   A school shall be allowed no more than one (1) team in each relay event.

6.   A swimmer or relay team is disqualified for one false start.

7.   Scoring shall be through ten places; 14-11-10-9-8-6-4-3-2-1 individual events, 28-22-20-18-16-12-8-6-4-2 for relay events.

8.   Girls swimming events will precede the boys events.

9. DIVING: Changes for 2020: This is a 6-dive meet and the fee is $10 per diver.  Dive #1 is any dive that the diver chooses and will receive its assigned degree of difficulty (d.d.), unless its assigned d.d. is more than 1.8 in the diving table.  If dive #1 has an assigned d.d. of more than 1.8 in the diving table, it will receive a 1.8 degree of difficulty in this meet.  Dives # 2-6 are all optional dives that must be from 5 different groups.  That means dives #2-6  will be one from each of the forward, backward, reverse, inward, and twisting groups, all receiving their assigned d.d. from the diving table.  When the degree of difficulty of dives 2-6 are totaled, both boys and girls must have at least 10.4.

The meet will be conducted using divemeets.com and is now active on the system. A detailed instruction sheet is posted below under "DIRECTIONS". All divers must be registered with divemeets.com in order to submit a dive list. Divemeets.com has automated deadlines for submitting the dive list, which cannot be extended. The system will not accept any dive list or changes after the deadline. Please do not mail, email, fax, or drop off any diving sheet. The only divers who will participate are those who have been properly entered on Hy-Tek Team Manager by Jan. 13 at 6 p.m. AND who have registered and submitted a dive list on divemeets.com by Jan. 14 by 6 p.m. No more than 4 divers per gender per school may submit a dive list. If a school has more than 4 divers per gender, additional divers will be scratched. If there are more than 30 divers in either event, there will be a cut to 20 after 3 dives. This meet is not the place to attempt dives for the first time. The referee has the right and the authority to request a diver to demonstrate any dive that is listed in the divemeets submission, prior to the competition. No diver is allowed to practice or compete without an official coach from the school being on the deck with the participating diver. All divers must be included in the official entry on Hy-Tek Team Manager which must be e-mailed to swimanddive@westminster.net by the deadline. The format of this meet does not satisfy the criteria for submission to ALL-AMERICA candidacy.


ENTRIES DUE:   Entry procedure:   Your entries on Hy-Tek Team Manager must be e-mailed to swimanddive@westminster .  Detailed instructions for entering this meet on Hy-Tek’s Team Manager can be found under the [Entering Meets] tab.  A PDF of your entries and your entry fees must also be in the Swim and Dive Office at Westminster Schools no later than 6:00 PM, MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 2020.

Entry Fees:

$3.00 per individual swimming event and $10.00 per diver and per relay event

FEES PAYABLE: Make checks payable to WESTMINSTER SCHOOLS. There will be no refund for competitors who fail to compete or are scratched. Please note METRO MEET in the memo line.


Distinctive awards shall be presented to the top three finalists in each individual and relay event.  Team awards will be presented to the winning and runner-up teams in both the Girls and Boys Divisions.


Will be available to purchase.


DIVEMEETS.com instructions:


Follow these steps to register: 

  1. Before giving this information to your team members, every coach participating in this competition must register at www.divemeets.com. Place your cursor over the Login menu and click on Get a DiveMeets ID. Fill out your information. For organization choose GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. On the Coach column, if you do not find your team listed, please send an email to support@meetcontrol.com with the following information: Team Website, Team Name, Team Address, Team City, Team State, Team Zip / Postal, Team Email, Team Phone, Team Code / Abbreviation, Team Point of Contact, Team Fax, and Team Affiliation. They will update the database. You will not be able to register if you do not follow this process. If a coach has already registered in the past, he/she does not have to register again. 

  2. After you register, you can tell your divers to go to www.divemeets.com to register and sign up for the 50th Annual METRO Atlanta Swimming and Diving Invitational. If a diver has already registered in the past, they don’t have to register again, but they must update their account to reflect they belong to the GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION and choose their respective team and coach. They can do this by logging in and click on “Update account”. If they forgot the ID and Password, they can click on Forgot your password or DiveMeets ID on the Login page. 

  3. Divers will be prompted to the meet information where they will be able to click on
    the events they are registering for and fill out dive sheets for each event. The program will make sure each dive sheet will be sent correctly. Coaches or divers can make changes to a dive sheet any time up to the time the meet is closed. 

Note: If coaches decide to register the divers for the meet, they will be able to do that after the divers have signed up with DiveMeets.com. Then, a coach logs in and can click on the 50th Annual METRO Atlanta Swimming and Diving Invitational link. On that page, coaches will find a drop box with the divers on their team. You will choose the diver you want to register for the meet, fill out the dive sheet and follow the prompts. You will have to do this process for every diver. REMEMBER: you may only submit 4 divers from one team for either event. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO SIGN UP MORE THAN 4, THINKING THAT YOU WILL DECIDE LATER WHICH 4 WILL DIVE. 

If you need any help please email support@meetcontrol.com

Warm Up:

The pools will be available for practice and warm-up:

FRIDAY – 2:00 -  3:45 PM

SATURDAY - 7:15 - 8:50 AM (a warmup schedule will be emailed to registered teams the week of the meet)

Qualifing Times:


200 FREE                               2:50.00            2:40.00

200 IND. MED.                      3:00.00            2:50.00

500 FREE                               6:15.00            5:45.00



Saturday swimming begins at 9 a.m.

Finals begin on Saturday for swimming at 6:30 p.m. The top 20 in each event will return for finals.

Meet Contact Info
Jan Allen
Phone 1: 404-609-6324
Phone 2:
Meet Fees
Individual: $3
Relays: $10
Diving: $10
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Hy-Tek Event File
Warm Up Schedule
Psych Sheet
Results PDF
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TM Export
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