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Notes from GHSSCA March 15, 2003 meeting

  • Attendance:  The attendance at the spring meeting was 39.
  • Welcome:  President, Rick Creed, welcomed everyone and introduced the elected office holders;  Richard Tavarnaro, Vice President;  Terry Blish, Secretary/Treasurer; and Pete Higgins, Training Director.
  • Treasurerís report:  Terry Blish gave the treasurerís report.  A copy of the report is available from Terry Blish.
  • Old Business:  A review of the State Meet was made and it was stated that the meet was well run and presented.  Pete Higgins, Westminster, and the Westminster swimming parents were thanked for providing an outstanding competition over the four days of the State Meet.
  • New Business:  There was a detailed discussion of the Diving events for the State Meet.   There was serious concern about the qualification process, and the judging of the events.  There is a desire to hold the 5A Diving in the morning of the 5A swimming prelims, and the 1-4A Diving in the morning of the 1-4Aswimming prelims.  There is a desire to hold the girls events before the boys event.  If diving remains on a separate day and is not moved to the swimming prelims days, there is a strong desire to divide the competition into a 5A meet, Girls then Boys, and a 1-4A meet, Girls then Boys.  This format would shorten the time for coaches and athletes at the site.  There is concern that so few divers score team points in the state meet, when they have scored will above the 270 point level in other invitational diving competitions.  Would it be possible to designate certain meets as state qualifying meets and have the same judges judge at these and the state meet?  A Diving Sub-Committee was established to look into, review, and make recommendations to the GHSSCA.  Members are:  Anna Hale (Centennial), Cynthia Potter (Westminster), Mark Zmuda (Lassiter), Tom Fulton (Kell), and Grant Segal (ADA).
  • Pete Higgins congratulated everyone for doing a good job with the POP and entries this year with Team Manager, especially the 5A schools.  In an attempt to streamline the process and to provide more information we are contemplating the follow changes.  Use a submit form found on the web site which will provide the following information:
  • Submitting coaches name
  • Verifying coaches name
  • Date of competition
  • Date of submission
  • School name
  • Select the email address for either 5A or 1-4A schools
  • Select a type of submission;  Proof or Actual Entry
  • It was agreed that we would impose a $10.00 late fee for submissions made after five (5) school days of the competition
  • It was agreed that we ask to have the State Meet on February 18-21 in 2004 to accommodate the U.S. Nationals.
  • All-State Certificates:  All-State certificates were distributed to those in attendance.  If you did not get your certificates, contact Terry Blish at Marist.
  • Swimmers-of-the-Year:  Amanda Weir (Brookwood) and Wesley Flatt (Centennial) and Bryan Lundquist (Lassiter) were selected from the 5A meet.  Katherine Bell and Elizabeth Hill of (Westminster) and Chris Ewald (South Forsyth) were selected from the 1-4A meet.  Congratulations to all six of these deserving athletes.
  • Coach-of-the-Year:  In the 5A meet the coaches selected were Girls Team;  Greg Puckett (Brookwood) and for the Boys Team; Rick Creed (Parkview).  From the 1-4A meet the selections were for the Girls team; Karen Blackman (Greater Atlanta Christian); and Kris Hunt (South Forsyth) for the Boys team.  Congratulations to all four outstanding coaches for their fine seasons.
  • Third Place Awards:  Once again the GHSSCA provided both the individual and team third place awards for the two State Championship Meets
  • 2003 Fall Meeting:  The Fall meeting will be held at Riverwood High School on September 13, 2003 at 9:00 a.m..  Remember that we will have one of the mandatory rules clinics conducted by David Neville as a part of our fall meeting.  Put this date on your calendars.