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Notes from GHSSCA September 13, 2003 meeting

  • Attendance:  There were 105 present.
  • Rules Clinic:  David Neville conducted a Rules Clinic for the first hour on the meeting.
  • Business meeting:  President Rick Creed welcomed everyone and introduced the additional elected officers Richard Tavernaro (North Cobb) Vice President, Terry Blish (Marist) Secretary/Treasurer, and Pete Higgins (Westminster) Training Director
  • Treasurer's Report:  Terry Blish gave the Treasurer's report.  Both Terry Blish and Rick Creed spoke to the question of everyone joining and paying either the individual dues of $25.00 or the total school staff dues of $40.00.
  • Membership dues:  Rick Creed cited the many reasons for joining GHSSCA and how our monies are allocated.
  • New coaches:  Both coaches for new school programs and community coaches were encourage to contact other coaches in their area and to use the GHSSCA web site for gaining helpful information for the season.
  • Newspaper publicity:  Rick Creed stated that we will work to get the Weekly Top 10 performances listed in the newspaper during the coming season.
  • Zone structure:  Rick Creed stated that we are going to select Zone Swimmers-of-the-Week from which State Swimmers-of-the-Week will be selected.
  • Change date of State Meet:  Rick Creed, Greg Puckett, and Pete Higgins all spoke to this question and the need for moving our State Meet a week later for 2004 since it conflicts with the U.S. Nationals on the present date of February 11-14, 2004.  There was much discussion on the subject as to the best way to approach the Swim Committee of the GHSA to support our need for this change and to make a strong presentation to the full Executive Committee of the GHSA in order to bring about this needed change of dates.  The GHSSCA will  present a strong case for this needed change at the Swim Committee meeting on October 12, 2003.
  • GHSSCA web site:  Pete Higgins asked for suggestions on improvements that can be made to our web site.
  • State Meet verification process:  Pete Higgins introduced Steve Copeland, PrepSportsTechnologies, who is supplying the GHSSCA web site hosting.  Steve gave a presentation of our new process for submitting proof of performances for our state meets.  This should prove to be a much easier method of submitting our verified performances for everyone.
  • Spring meeting:  The GHSSCA spring meeting is scheduled for March 6, 2004 at Centennial at 10:00 a.m.