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Notes from GHSSCA February 28, 2009 meeting

  • Attendance:  There were 40 present at the meeting.
  • Business meeting:  President Richard Taverano welcomed everyone and introduced the additional elected officers Jim Reason (Duluth) Vice President, Terry Blish (Marist) Secretary/Treasurer, and Pete Higgins (Westminster) Training Director.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Terry Blish gave the Treasurer's report.
  • Old business:   A discussion of the State Meet was held.  There seems to be much interest in moving the 5A State Meet to Georgia Tech.  All-State certificates were available for the coaches.  Unclaimed certificates will be mailed.  Beginning in 2009-2010, there will be a $10.00 charge for each All-State certificate earned by swimmers of non-member coaches.
  • New business:  There was agreement to ask that the qualifiers go to 10 places for both the championship and consolation finals where the facility will allow for 10 lanes.  Discussion was had on having "A" (automatic) and "B" (consideration) Qualifying Times for the State Championships, or as an alternative having separate qualifying time for each school classification.  This was voted down.  There was discussion of the possible state law limiting high school traveling to under 200 miles round trip.  This was tabled until a future date.  Discussion was held on possibly changing swimming/diving to a regional or sectional sport.  This was not supported.  Discussion was held on upgrading or modifying the GHSSCA website to include blogs, community network to allow coaches to share ideas, clinics, tips, training suggestions, and good deals for team ordering.  Diving proposals were as follows:  To add three meter as an event, so that divers could participate in more than one event - No.  Separate swimming and diving and consider them as separate sports - No.  Allow all divers who meet the qualifying standards to participate in the state meet, but only count the top four scoring divers from a team to score team points - No.  Do away with the "two submission limit" for dive sheets - Yes.  Discussed establishing a water polo league with hopes of water polo becoming sanctioned by the GHSA.  Discussed establishing GHSSCA area representatives throughout the state. Discussion as to our position on the new suits.  We are in favor of not taking a definite position on the suit question at this time.  Everyone seemed to like the new state meet entry process used on the website.  Everyone liked the time frame of the 2008-2009 Junior High season and desires to continue the same for next year.
  • A committee was formed to study the naming of Coach-of-the-Year and Swimmer-of-the-Year awards.  David Reason, Jan Allen, Terry Blish, Eric Brown, Colin Maloney, and Al Otte volunteered to serve on this committee.
  • Election of President and Secretary-Treasurer:   Richard Tavernaro (Wheeler) was reelected President and Terry Blish (Marist) was reelected to serve another term as our Secretary-Treasurer.
  • High Scoring Teams:  The high scoring teams in the A-AA-AAA-AAAA 2009 State Meet were announced.
    Wesleyan A   Wesleyan
    Westminster AA   GAC
    St. Pius X AAA   St. Pius X
    Marist AAAA   Marist
    Brookwood AAAAA   Lassiter
  • Coach-of-the-Year:  Glenn Meeden (Lassiter) was elected for the 5A Girls, while Greg Puckett (Brookwood) was elected as 5A Boys Coach.  In the 1-4A Schools Terry Blish (Marist) was elected as Boy's Coach, and Karen Blackman (Greater Atlanta Christian) was elected as the Girl's Coach.  Congratulations to these fine coaches.
  • Swimmer-of-the-Year:  5A Girls is Erin Reisinger (Walton) and Andrew Ruffing (Parkview) for the 5A Boys.  In the 1-4A Girls Kristine Polley (Sprayberry) and Will Freeman (Greater Atlanta Christian) for the 1-4A Boys.
  • Fall Meeting:  The Fall GHSSCA meeting will be hosted by Greater Atlanta Christian on September 12, 2009, with the GHSA Rules Clinic at 9:00 am;  GHSSCA business meeting at 10:00 am;  and clinic to follow at 12:00 pm.