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Notes from GHSSCA September 19, 2009 meeting

  • Attendance:  There were 67 present at the meeting.
  • Business meeting:  President Richard Tavernaro welcomed everyone and introduced the additional elected officers Jim Reason (Duluth) Vice President, Terry Blish (Marist) Secretary/Treasurer, and Pete Higgins (Westminster) Training Director.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Terry Blish gave the Treasurer's report.
  • Old business:   A discussion of the location of the 5A State Meet was continued from the Rules Clinic. 
  • New business:  All coaches not in attendance must complete the required Rules Clinic online at the web site between October 1 - 19, 2009.  Greg Puckett (Brookwood) asked that illegal suits for the coming year be identified by maker and name.  This request was supported and Andy Cowart said that he would get this information together.  Richard Tavernaro (Wheeler) brought up online voting for our organization.  Several straw votes were taken.  The feeling of the group was to use online voting as a survey devise and for gathering information, but not to use online voting for binding decisions of the organization.  A new message board will be in place shortly and this can answer some of the concerns expressed about online voting.  Pete Higgins (Westminster) brought up several concerns carried over from our Spring meeting:  the location of the Junior High season - Last year's schedule received favorable response;  How can the GHSSCA web site better serve your needs:  Add Message Board, restructure the Coaches List and the Invitational Meets tabs.  There was discussion about the GHSSCA reaching out to offer help to startup programs of parent's groups and booster clubs in new swimming programs.  This question received favorable discussion.
  • Clinic:  We adjourned to the pool for an in the water demonstration of many stroke drills and turn techniques.  15 new coaches attended with Jim Reason, Greg Puckett, Rick Creed, making excellent presentations.  Thanks goes out to Beth McGee (GAC) our hostess for providing our two demonstrators.
  • Spring Meeting:  The Spring meeting of the GHSSCA will be held at Collins Hill High School on February 27, 2010 starting at 10:00a.m.  The Spring meeting  of the GHSA will be held on March 21 & 22, 2010 in Forsyth, Georgia.