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Be first there and last to leave.  Make each practice meaningful and fun.  Coach the head as well as the rest of the body.



Make lineup and have it available for athletes.  Make provision for taking splits during meet..



Make arrangements to have the proper officials and support personnel present.  Jobs to be covered:  referee, starter, stroke/turn judge. finish judges, times, runners, recorder/scorer, diving referee, diving judges (3), diving table workers, announcer, medical personnel.  These jobs will change somewhat if an electronic timing and judging system is used.



Confirm time and method of transportation for team.  Confirm warm-up and starting times with host coach.  Have a copy of your lineup for available for the host team.



Make sure that all athletes have transportation home and are not left alone at the meet site.  Report scores and results to you Athletic Director, newspaper, and any other person who might need results.  Within one (1) week you should submit state qualifying proof of performance to the GHSSCA to be posted on the web site.  





Greg Puckett (Brookwood) 9/19/09

Running a Swim/Dive Dual Meet

* Individuals needed to run meet

                - authorized meet officials – Rule 4-1.2 recommends a minimum of 2 officials

                - meet manager – individual to oversee running of meet (so you can focus on coaching)

                - individual to administer HyTek software (info on software –

                - individuals to assist with scoring of meet and verification of times (probably 1 per team)

                - timing console operator (if plungers or touchpads are being used)

                - head timer (can also serve as backup timer) with two stop watches

                - 2 or 3 timers per lane with stopwatches

                - runners to collect entry cards

                - finish judges – see Rule 6-5.1.  (Necessary when use only two timers per lane? Not with 3 timers?)

                - dive announcer

                - dive scorers (at least 2)

                - individual to administer dive software (if being used)

                - dive judges – minimum of 3 needed (meet officials can serve this need)

 * Equipment needed to run meet

                - starting system or signal (Rule 2-7.3)

                - recall device or recall rope (Rule 2-7.4)

                - visual lap-counting system for 500 Freestyle (Rule 2-7.6) – required to be provided for visiting team

                - timing devices calibrated to .01 seconds (Rule 2-7.7)

                                - manual – stopwatches

                                - semi-automatic (plungers) or automatic (touch pads)

                                                -for semi-automatic & automatic devices a manual timing device is required as a backup

                - equipment to record times and score meet

                                - most of the time this will include a computer with HyTek Meet Manager software as well as a printer

                                                - it can however be done the old fashioned way with pen & paper

                                - semi-automatic & automatic timing will also require a timing console

                - clipboards / pencils for timers to record times (1 per lane)

                - calculator(s) for dive scoring if not using a computer dive program to score

                - diving flash cards (one for each diving judge – probably 3)

 * Make sure pool meets all required specifications

                - pool dimensions (Rule 2-2)

                - pool markings (Rule 2-3)

                - lanes (Rules 2-5)

                - water condition (Rule 2-6)

                - backstroke flags (Rule 2-7.5) – if does not meet rule standards then home team does not score any points in events

                - equipment for swimming events – starting platforms, water depth (Rule 2-7) & backstroke flag lines (Rule 2-7.5)

                - lane numbers (Rule 2-4.3) – when practical lanes should be numbered from right to left as you face course

* Meet entries

                - make sure coaches for both teams agree on time and method of meet entries

                - make sure team & individual entry guidelines are followed (Rules 3-1 & 3-2)

                                - note – Rule 3-2.3 – when an individual officially becomes an entry

                                                - dual meets? – make sure both coaches agree beforehand on method & limits on entries

                - entry cards will need to be made/printed for the meet itself – usually by the home team

                - heatsheets?

 * Meet management

                - order and length of events (Rule 5-1)

                                - by mutual consent diving may be the first event (Rule 5-1.2)

                                Note – rules requires break of 15 minutes with at least 10 minute warm-up in pool prior to 100 Fly

- lane & heat assignment

                -Rule 5-3.2 states visiting team gets choice of odd or even – but traditionally home gets odd lanes

                -Rule 5-3.3 – guidelines for lane assignments when have more than two teams in meet

- order if have multiple heats?  Rule 5-3.6 applies for timed finals events with all individuals possibly scoring (fastest seeds in last heat, etc)

                -however, no rules seem to apply to dual meets with multiple heats where only one heat scores. 

                Therefore make sure both coaches are in agreement of procedures for order(fastest –first heat or last heat)

- a difference of more than .3 seconds between automatic & backup time may indicate a potential malfunction that requires the integration of back-up times

- integration of back-up times – read Rule 6-4 on own and hope you never have to figure it out

- places & points earned (Rule 7)

                -Rule 7-2 gives breakdown of points awarded for dual meets, double duals, or triple duals

                  Note – maximum # of entries allowed to score is 4 per team – therefore if you are using a

                     10 lane pool make sure coaches agree beforehand on method of scoring (top seeded? Top 4 times?)


Swim/Dive Dual - meet

Brookwood  vs Parkview


Date – Friday, January 11th, 2008

Time  - 6:30 – 10:30 pm (meet begins at 7:15 pm)

Location – Mountain Park pool

Warm-ups -     6:30 – 6:50 Parkview

                        6:50 –7:10  Brookwood

                        6:30 – 7:10 Diving (1 board)

Lane assignments -      Parkview – lanes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (home team)

                                    Brookwood – lanes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Format – Scoring heat will always go first.  Unlimited heats of all events with the following         exceptions –                three heats max of 200 Free,

two heats max of 200MR, 200FR, 200 IM, and 500 Free

one heat only of 400FR

Diving - due to time limitations, each team will be allowed to enter up to 6 divers per team with no more

than 3 per gender scoring.

Scoring  -         Individual       8  6  5  4  3  2  1  0

                        Relays            10  5  3  0  0  0  0  0

Parent volunteers - list is below of what each team is responsible for providing

Questions??? - contact            Greg Puckett   Brookwood Swim Coach                                                                                           home – (678) 123-4567                      

Parent Volunteers & Equipment

required for Dual -meet

                                                                               Parkview              Brookwood

Individual to administer dive software                                                          1

Dive announcer                                                                                               1

Dive scorers                                                                1                                  1         

Dive official                                                                                                    1


Meet Manager                                                             1

Individual to administer HyTek                                 1

Timing console operator                                              1

Individual to assist with swim scoring                       1                                  1

Head backup timer (with two stopwatches)               1                     

Timers (with stopwatch)                                             15 (5 lanes)                  15 (5 lanes)     

Runners                                                                                                           1

Laptop with meet info                                                 1 (swim)                      1 (dive)

Clipboards and pencils for all lanes