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GHSSCA Constitution 1995



 Article 1:  Name                    

This association shall be known as the Georgia High School Swim Coaches Association, and shall be organized under the jurisdiction of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA).  

Article 2:  Purpose

The purpose of this association shall be to foster, promote and develop interest in competitive swimming for all high school students in the state of Georgia.  The association shall be involved in:

A. The fostering of a high standard of ethics, sportsmanship and fair play.

B. The fostering of cooperation among officials, coaches, school administrators, swimmers and the public.

C. The development and maintenance of quality coaching through training         clinics and review of new coaching methods and techniques

D. The development and maintenance of quality swimming through the review of current and future rules and regulations governing high school swimming.

Article 3:  Membership

Active membership eligibility shall consist of:

     A. Membership dues paid

B. Any GHSA school appointed swim coach



Article 4:  Officers

The officers of the association shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Training Officer.

A. Officers shall be elected for two year terms at the annual spring meeting; President and Training Officer will be elected in the even numbered years and the Vice-President ,Treasurer and Secretary in the odd numbered years.  In the case that an officer resigns or is unable to fulfill his duties, the office will be filled by appointment of the remaining officers for the remainder of the term.


Article 5:  The duties of each office

A. The President shall:

1. Preside over all meetings of the association.

2. Set the meeting date, place and time for all scheduled and special meetings.

3. Shall have the power to appoint and empower committees and to name members to these committees for any tasks that he sees as necessary for the well-being of the association.

4. Shall name the host school for the two semi-annual meetings of the association.

B. The Vice-President shall:

1. Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.

2. Serve as the parliamentarian.

3. Assume the duties of the chairman until the next annual meeting, should the President resign or be otherwise unable to carry out his responsibilities.

          C. The Treasurer shall:

                   1. Keep all financial records of the association.

                   2. Collect association dues and keep a roll of all members in good

3. Send financial reports as required by GHSA or requested by the

4. Determine whether a quorum of the membership is present at a


D. The Secretary shall:

1. Take minutes of all regular and special meetings.

2. Be responsible for all correspondence of the association.

3. Send reports as required by GHSA or requested by the President.

4. Keep information updated on various historical lists.  Historical lists to include but not limited to – Athlete of Year, Coach of Year, State Records, State Champions – team and athlete, and NISCA All-Americans.

E. The Training Officer shall:

1. Insure all members be thoroughly trained in the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations governing the sport of swimming / diving and those set down by the GHSA.

2. Have final responsibility for the classroom training of new members.

3. Recommend to the association for approval, policies which meet these responsibilities.


Article 6:  Amendments

A. This association shall have the authority to establish and amend its constitution and by-laws, provided they do not conflict with the constitution and by-laws of the Georgia High School Association.  In such cases of conflict, the GHSA regulations shall prevail.

B. This constitution may be amended as follows:

1. Any active member may submit an amendment to the President, in writing, prior to an announced meeting.

2. The proposed amendment will be included in the order of business, discussed and be automatically tabled after discussion.

3. At the next regularly scheduled meeting, the proposed amendment shall be voted upon.

4. An amendment shall be adopted if approved by a two-thirds vote of members present or by their proxies.

September 30, 1995 – initial approval
September 13, 2014 – amendments to Articles 4 & 5 approved