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Minutes from GHSSCA meeting on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at Marist

Minutes from GHSSCA meeting
on Saturday, February 23rd at Marist
* The meeting started at 10:06 am – 25-30 individuals were present
* Welcome: Greg Puckett announced the board members for GHSSCA and welcomed all coaches.
* Treasurers Report: No report
* Election of Officers: President---
Greg Puckett re-elected (no other opponents)
Training Coach--- Pete Higgins re-elected (no other opponents)
* GHSSCA recognitions:
5A-A female--Nicole Stafford Westminster Academy 5A-A female---Katie Woods North Paulding HS
5A-A male---Paul Powers North Hall HS 5A-A male --- Charles Todd Dalton HS
6 A female---Rebecca Postall Kennesaw Mountain HS 6A female--Kerrie Langley Lambert HS
6 A male---Jimmy Yoder Lassiter HS 6A male - Jack Gayle/ Eric Brown Parkview HS
* Old Business:
-Hall of Fame-
-Rick Creed mentioned that the Georgia Aquatics Hall of Fame was interested in getting input from GHSSCA membership and possibly in including
GHSSCA membership on the nominating committee
-Rick suggested that we come up with some sort of criteria for recognizing our own ‘Hall of Fame’ on our website. He suggested having various
levels of recognition (gold, silver, bronze) with specific non-subjective criteria for earning distinction at each level. A committee was formed to
create a proposal to be presented at the Fall GHSSCA meeting
-Ga.prepcountry. com—problems with website that were encountered by coaches
- lack of directions on how to add/set-up relays
- difficulties getting in touch with (or getting prompt reply from) individuals running website
- problems during the first week - top times not showing up on ‘the public side’
- AD’s not knowing about website being used instead of the MaxPrep site being used by other sports
-GHSSCA website – suggestions for improvement
- suggested having some sort of forum for new coaches - discussed that we had one in the past that was never used. Suggested instead that new
coaches use the Mentor Coach list as a resource
- suggested there be some sort of ‘most commonly asked question’ section added to the website
- needs to have better info about exact location of meetings – perhaps even include directions
- add school AD’s to email mailing list since they are less likely to change than coaches are
- problems paying for membership by PayPal/Visa
- place on website for ‘forms’
- Fall Coaches clinic – suggestions for improvement
- get list of coaches from GHSA and promote clinic using list / send to AD’s also
- more structure to clinic – when promoting clinic include ‘agenda’ for items that will be discussed/covered at clinic
- have info on vendors
- push/emphasize importance of clinic to schools with small programs, new programs, or new coaches
* New Business---
-proof of verification times – concern about coaches using times from USS swim meets
- after discussion it was suggested that the date of the verified time and the name of the verifying coach also be posted on the ‘public side’ of the website in hopes that this info being visible to all would discourage posting of inappropriate qualifying times
-improving GHSSCA?--
-improve membership by better communications. Better web site.
-explain to new coaches what GHSSCA is
-Date of Fall meeting – Saturday, September 14th at Marist
-State meet concerns:
-heat sheets- all certified coaches should be entitled to a heat sheet.
-post heat sheets around the facility for swimmers to view
-t-shirt vendor – print names of athletes in different meets on different shirts – could not read 1300 names printed on back of shirts; ran out of sizes
-Flip Flop State Meets each year or use following suggestion
-Thursday AM--- 6A swim prelims, Friday AM—5A-A swim prelims, Saturday--- Finals for both GHSA STATE MEETS;
diving held Thur & Fri evening
-start on time – not early
-divers found it difficult at times when being done simultaneously with swim prelims
-concerns about clarity of pool and sewer like smell on deck
-special thanks to Georgia Tech staff and Franke Marsden for switching out tops of starting blocks
-proposals for GHSA--- discussed new addition to GHSA by-laws that--
A proposal brought to the GHSA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and not approved by a sub- committee and/or full executive committee may not be
submitted for three meetings after the previous submission unless a substantive change has been made to that proposal.
-Ga High School Water Polo – if interested in starting a team, please contact Julie Ferris (North Springs) or
Jennifer Weaver (Collins Hill)
-Camden Co. is looking for a a new Head Swim Coach. If interested, send resume to Gary Blount (the AD)
- don’t forget NISCA DEADLINES--- All American – swim-- June 15th, academic- 3/31, Dive 3/31