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Minutes from GHSSCA meeting on Saturday, September 11 at Westminster

* GHSA officials held Swim/Dive rules clinic at 9:00 am - prior to GHSSCA meeting

* The GHSSCA meeting began a little after 10:00 am
* Welcome: Vice President (interim President) Greg Puckett announced the board members for GHSSCA and welcomed all coaches.
* Treasurers Report:  Terry Blish presented

* Old Business:

- Report from Spring GHSA Executive Meeting – Jim Reason & Pete Higgins

- scoring Top 20 at State was not approved by the GHSA Swim committee for submittal to Executive Committee for consideration

* New Business---

- discussion about Website was led by Matt Murphy – following items were brought up for discussion

- only paid GHSSCA members allowed to post Invitational info – Matt will take care of making sure this happens

- Coaches list – only show school and Coach name to non GHSSCA members – no consensus made during discussion

- more info needed to help dive coaches

- something to help with meet scheduling – perhaps a message board

 - posting a list of 17 schools with pool

 - providing a list of schools with a team – discussed issues with GHSA providing this info in a timely manner. 
                               Accurate list is usually not available from GHSA until January

- State meet info was presented by Franke Marsden & Matt Murphy

- discussion about how GHSSCA can support our new and veteran coaches during the season

- list of individuals who volunteered to be mentor coaches was created and will be posted on website

- Spring GHSSCA meeting set for February 26th, 2011 at The Marist Schools

*Adjourned at 11:50 AM

*GHSSCA meeting was followed by Coach’s Training Session