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Notes from GHSSCA February 27, 1999 meeting

  • Attendance: We have 50 paid up members for this year. The attendance at this spring meeting was slim with just 23 present.
  • State meet structure: Much discussion was directed to the survey by Kevin Greaney (Woodward) as to our feelings on dividing the state meet into two meets (AAAA and AAA, AA, A). The survey presented at the state meet generated a 3 to 1 ratio of some 88 coaches in favor of this two meet structure. A lively discussion was held with virtually all points to be considered in this two meet format gone over with a fine tooth comb. A vote of the members present at the end of an hour long discussion resulted in 12 in favor and 7 against with 4 abstaining.

    A proposal to change the meet structure of the state championship was made by Richard Tavernaro (North Cobb). The proposed new time structure is as follows:

    11:00 AM Friday, All swimming prelims

    9:00 AM Saturday, All Diving

    3:00 PM Saturday, All swimming finals.

    This proposal also received 12 votes in favor and 7 votes in opposition.

    Both of these proposals will be presented as the wishes of the GHSSCA to the GHSA at their spring meeting in April.

  • All-State certificates: All-State certificates were distributed to those in attendance. If you did not get your certificates at the meeting, contact Terry Blish at Marist.
  • Diving: The question was asked if the new diving rules for this year concerning entering the state meet were good. The general feeling was that the new rules did not seem to make much difference or impact on either the size of the contest or the conduct of the meet.  There was extended discussion about the conduct and the judging of the diving contest this year. There were strong feelings that no person judging the contest should also be coaching divers during the contest. There was concern about having qualified diving judges doing the judging and not swimming officials. More attention must be given to the proper setup and running of the scoring table. This year the scoring table was a disaster.
  • Coach-of-the-Year: Seven coaches were nominated for Coach-of-the Year. The winners were the coaches of both the girls and boys state champion teams, Monica Erwin of Pope High School and Pete Higgins of Westminster. Congratulations to both.
  • Elections: Elections were held for the office of President and Secretary/Treasurer. The two incumbents were returned to these offices; Terry Blish (Marist) President and Kristina Nesbitt as our Secretary/Treasurer. Congratulations to both.
  • Swimmers-of-the-Year: Julie Manitt (Walton) and Matt Sope (Duluth) were named Swimmer-of-the-Year. Congratulations to both of these fine athletes.
  • 1999 Fall Meeting: The fall meeting will be held at Westminster Schools on September 11, 1999 in Turner Gym. Meet scheduling at 9:00 AM; business meeting and clinic at 11:00 AM. Suggestions for clinic topics were; diving, techniques for swimming faster, training ideas for non-USS swimmers, and dry-land training. Communicate your ideas on this subject.
  • High scoring team plaques: Each year the GHSSCA awards plaques to the high scoring team in each GHSA classification. The winners this year were:
    Class     Boys
    AAAA - 234   Pope 231   Brookwood
    AAA - 84   Marist 161   Marist
    AA - 165   Westminster 252   Westminster
    A - 44   Riverside Military Academy 43   Savannah Country Day