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Minutes from GHSSCA meeting on Saturday, February 25th, 2011 At The Marist Schools

* The meeting started a little after 10:00 am
* Welcome: Vice President (Interim President) Greg Puckett (Brookwood) welcomed coaches and introduced GHSSCA officers – Treasurer Terry Blish (Marist) and Training Officer Pete Higgins (Westminster)
* Treasurers Report: provided by Terry Blish
* Election of Officers: Elections were held for positions of President and Training Officer.  Greg Puckett was selected as President and Pete Higgins was selected as Training Officer.  Glenn Meeden (Lassiter) agreed to fill vacant position of Vice President for duration of  term.

* GHSSCA recognitions:

- All-State teams-certificates available to GHSSCA member schools

- Selection of Coaches and Athletes of the Year –
      SWIMMER OF THE YEAR AWARDS:                                        COACH OF THE YEAR:
      4A-A female--   Nicole Stafford - Westminster                 4A-A female--- Terry Blish - Marist
     4A-A male---     Jack Lane - Lakeside                                               4A-A male --- Colin Creel - Wesleyan
     5 A female---      Sammy Bosma - Lassiter                                        5A female—Glenn Meeden - Lassiter
     5 A male---         Matias Koski - Northview                                       5A male – Jeremy Laird – Peachtree Ridge


* Old Business

- discussion about GHSA concerns of Scoring top 20 at State – need to investigate further whether there is a National Federation rule for how many should return for Finals/Consols

- discussion about allowing divers to participate in 11-dive meets beyond the 10 meet team limit.  Will make proposal to GHSA to allow divers to participate in 3 11-dive meets beyond the currently allowed 10 ‘regular season’ limit.

- committee was formed for creating GHSSCA Hall of Fame guidelines – it will be led by Rick Creed (Mill Creek)


* New Business-

- discussed State Meet concerns and problems with following issues brought up

        - preference of some coaches to not print relay names on psych sheets/heatsheets for prelims

        - more space in front of bleachers for movement of athletes to blocks

        - better coordination of dive and swim announcers

        - 4A-A meet was too crowded – can it be helped out by

                        - modify qualifying times? – committee set up to look at modifying qualifying times – it will be led by Greg Puckett

                        - look into splitting the meet further

        -concern about officiating – will investigate if there is a way for coaches to evaluate officials performance


- date and location for Fall GHSSCA meeting set as September 10, 2011 at The Marist Schools

* Announcements –

- don’t forget NISCA All-American deadlines – swim (3/31), dive(3/31), and academic(3/31)