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Minutes from GHSSCA meeting on Saturday, February 23rd 2012 at Marist

* The meeting started a little after 10:00 am – 30-35 individuals were present
* Welcome: President Greg Puckett (Brookwood) announced the board members for GHSSCA and welcomed all coaches.
* Treasurers Report: provided by Terry Blish
* Election of Officers:

Vice President--- Glenn Meeden (Lassiter) elected
                Treasurer/Secretary --- Terry Blish (Marist) elected
* GHSSCA recognitions:

- All-State teams-certificates available to GHSSCA member schools

- Selection of Coaches and Athletes of the Year –
      SWIMMER OF THE YEAR AWARDS:                                        COACH OF THE YEAR:
      4A-A female--                                                                                   -4A-A female---
     4A-A male---                                                                                     4A-A male ---
     5 A female---                                                                                      5A female--
     5 A male---                                                                                         5A male –


* Old Business

- discussion was held about proposing to GHSA that the Top 20 compete and score in Finals of State meet.  After discussion it was decided that we   will continue to propose this change to GHSA

- suggestion was made that a list of schools with pools be provided  on GHSSCA website

- suggestion was made that some sort of HyTek training would be helpful at the Fall coaches clinic


* New Business-

- discussion was held about ideas for improving GHSSCA membership.  The following suggestions were made –

        - invoice teams

        - inform coaches of benefits of membership

        - select Region captains to recruit


- decided on date and location for Fall GHSSCA meeting – Saturday, September 8, 2012 at The Marist School

- discussed changing All State Team so that recognition is by separate meets or classification – no proposal was made

- discussed concerns/problems about State Meet and following items were brought up and discussed

        - 4A-A Finals starting late – resulting in 5A Finals having less time prior to beginning of meet

        - DQ’s – seemed to be more in Finals than in Prelims

- discussed proposal(s) to GHSA for changes to State meet

        - how to split the meet with new reclassification to 6A – decided to propose division as follows – 6A meet and 5A-A meet

        - proposed changes to qualifying times – decided to proposes changes in following events – all Relays, 200 Freestyle, and 100 breaststroke

        - combining Finals of both State meets – no proposal made for consideration

* Announcements –

- don’t forget NISCA All-American deadlines – swim (3/31), dive(3/31), and academic(3/31)