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Notes from GHSSCA September 12, 1999 meeting

  • Attendance: 75 were in attendance for the largest turnout in our history. The meeting was held at Westminster Schools in Robinson Hall. We spent thirty minutes scheduling and socializing.
  • New Coaches: Since there are so many new coaches, they introduced themselves.
  • Harvey Humphries: Harvey Humphries of the University of Georgia was the highlight of the meeting. He spoke on establishing a coaching philosophy; gave us some good drills; emphasized the importance of coaching the whole person, not just the swimmer; and encouraged us to develop low maintenance swimmers. He gave us a very emotional, educational, insightful, meaningful, and challenging presentation. It is not difficult to understand why his women=s team at the University of Georgia are the National Champions. They indeed are a happy group.
  • Treasurer=s Report: Kristina Nesbitt gave our financial report. We are solvent. Membership applications and dues were received at the meeting. If you have not yet joined the GHSSCA, please contact Kristina at 917 Fairfield Drive, Marietta, Georgia 30068, or by phone at: (678) 560-9984, or by Email at: .
  • President Terry Blish: Terry Blish (Mairst) announced all of the schools that had not picked up their All-State Certificates from last year. The GHSSCA Coaches Handbook, developed by Monica Erwin (Pope), were made available to new coaches who requested them.
  • Training Director: Pete Higgins (Westminster) asked for updated invitational meet information sheets and added information on new meets for our web site updating. He highlighted important information for our new state meet structure in 2000, and he reviewed the 1999 state meet stats. Congratulations were extended to the 41 girls and 17 boys who were named to the 1999 NISCA All-American teams. Jeff Rosen (Wheeler) suggested that we hold one of the state=s Rules Clinics in conjunction with our fall GHSSCA meeting in 2000. This idea was heartily endorsed by everyone and will be presented to the GHSA for consideration. The question of having commercial vendors attend our meetings was brought up since a vendor has asked permission to attend. It was decided after brief discussion that the officers will bring a proposal to our membership at our 2000 spring meeting to be voted upon. If you have ideas on this subject, let=s hear them. We need your input. Since there are so many new coaches, the contents of our GHSSCA web site were highlighted. Everyone is urged to use the submit forms on the web site for submitting dual meet scores, Top 10 times, and to update our coaching directory. A plea was made for any suggestions or comments that can help improve our web site. This is your site, let us know what you need on the site to help you become a better coach and to make your coaching job easier. Please pass on any suggestions for discussion/program topics for our 2000 Spring meeting.
  • 2000 Spring Meeting: The spring GHSSCA meeting will be held at Wheeler High School in Cobb County on February 26, 2000 at 10:00am. Proposed possible agenda topics for the Spring meeting are discussion of qualifying times for state meet; having a member of the GHSA staff attend our GHSSCA meetings; and a general review of the divided state meets. Put this date on your calander.