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Adapted Swimming Event

This year's GHSA State Championship will feature an adapted exhibition, 50 freestyle event. This non-scoring event is being offered to allow your swimmers with disabilities and special needs an opportunity to participate in the State Meet alongside their classmates and teammates.   Below are details on the event and guidelines for your swimmers, as well as Hy Tek event files for your Adapted Event Swimmers. A special thank you goes to Robin Hines and Andy Cowart of the GHSA for their assistance in making this a reality; as well as Jenny Weaver of Collins Hill, who got the ball rolling on this last year and will serve as the liaison for the 6-7A meet and to Kevin Kadzis of Wesleyan, who is serving as the liaison for the 1-5A meet.


Who is this event for? This event is designed for swimmers with either physical or developmental disabilities, who would not otherwise qualify to swim in the GHSA State Meet. Swimmers should be current members of your team and meet all requirements for being part of your swim program, including meeting eligibility requirements for their school. Swimmers should have competed in at least 2 meets during the season and swum a 50 free during at least one of those meets.


When will this event be swum? The adapted heats of the 50 free will be swum during each prelim session (after the 50 free and before the 100 fly). The goal is to have these heats take no longer than about 15-20 minutes. If interest is significant enough, we will explore possibly using the same spot during the finals as well as a window to get these heats swum in a timely fashion.


How do we sign up for this event? Please use Hy Tek Team Manager complete entries for your adapted event swimmers only.  Entries for all other swimmers still must be completed via the GHSA proof of performance/entry system.  This Hy Tek entry file is for your adapted event swimmers only. Import the following file for your school’s applicable meet.  Entries are due by Monday, January 27 at 4 pm.  If you have any question


Hy-Tek Event File: 1-5A
Hy-Tek Event File: 6-7A


What else do we need to know of do for this event?

  • First and foremost, we need to get a general idea of how many swimmers teams anticipate bringing to the meet. This is crucial to ensure we do not significantly extend the normal 15-20 minute diving break. Please carefully consider how many swimmers you anticipate bringing as the accuracy of this estimate will help us best format this event and make it work for ALL swimmers in the state meet.
  • Please visit to let us know how many swimmers of each gender you anticipate bringing to the meet. This won't enter your swimmers in the event, but it will give us a good idea of how many swimmers to anticipate.
  • Please try to complete this form as soon as possible.
  • When you do enter your swimmers for this event, please include a seed time. As was referenced earlier, swimmers must have competed in this event earlier in the year, so there should be a time that was established by that swim.
  • There will NOT be time standards for this event.
  • Teams will be allowed accommodations for their swimmers to allow them access to the deck, starting area, and any assistance needed to get into a comfortable starting position.
  • We plan on offering free admission for families of these athletes. I wish we could, but don't think we can help on the parking front, but we can at least help at the gate. Details on that will be forthcoming as the meet approaches and entries are in.